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Top 10 Career Development Stories of 2023 (So Far)

Our most-read articles on IT careers explored the state of IT jobs in an uncertain economy, and offered tips and tricks to not only get ahead but to also get a raise in the tech field.

Halfway through 2023, short-term fluctuations in the IT jobs market were contrasted with long-term optimistic trends in our most-read stories about career development. ITPro Today gave job seekers experts' advice and valuable insight on trends, forecasts, and the most promising developments in IT careers this year.

1. Tech Job Market Cools, Demand Still Robust

While IT job postings dipped in the aftermath of large tech layoffs, the need for qualified IT professionals remains strong, according to CompTIA's Tech Jobs Report. Delve deeper into tech hiring trends and learn why there will be continued growth in the areas of cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud, and automation.

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2. Seattle, Austin, Boston Best Metro Areas for STEM Professionals

WalletHub's annual ranking of best and worst cities for STEM professionals placed Seattle first for its number of opportunities. San Jose, ranked sixth, showed the highest average monthly earnings for new STEM workers. WalletHub's report, which began in 2015, assesses Professional Opportunities, STEM-Friendliness and Quality of Life.

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3. What IT Soft Skills Tech Talent Scouts Look for in Job Candidates

A Mason Frank study found that soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and project management are highly regarded by hiring managers across a range of tech roles. Read more about the evolving importance of each of these difficult-to-teach skills in the tech workplace.

4. IT Acronyms: A Cheat Sheet for IT Pros

Contributor Christopher Tozzi guided ITPro Today readers through the difficult world of tech terminology, parsing DaaS from DX. Download this free cheat sheet to demystify some of the most important acronyms for IT professionals.

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5. AI, Data Science, and DevOps: Opportunities for IT Careers in 2023

AI, data science, and DevOps lead among the most promises areas for aspiring IT professionals. ITPro Today contributor Nathan Eddy reported on the industry-wide shift toward advanced technologies and data-driven practices in the IT jobs market.

6. Angling for a Pay Raise: IT Workers Hold the Advantage

ITPro Today gave IT professionals valuable advice on how to turn their job performance into higher salaries. A limited talent pool and increasing reliance on advanced technology across industries strengthen IT professionals' bargaining position, while new wage transparency laws make it easier for job seekers to advocate for themselves.

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7. Tech Career Advice: Always Be Testing and Breaking Things

Experimentation and failure are essential components of professional growth in the field of technology, advises Nathan Howe, vice president of emerging technology at Zscaler. ITPro Today contributor Alyse Burnside spoke with Howe on the importance of embracing challenges, encouraging innovation, and cultivating a mindset of constant improvement.

8. Video: Tips for a Successful IT Job Interview

Tom Brown, chief human resources officer at Druva, helps IT job seekers distinguish themselves among shifting trends and a slowed hiring market. Watch this video for practical advice on the application process, including preparation, presentation, and communication skills.

9. Women in IT Face Continued Obstacles to Career Advancement

Skillsoft's alarming 2023 Women in Tech report highlights the enduring obstacles facing women in tech. The report found that in IT roles, progress for women has not only stalled, but reversed, and showed the need for greater equity in pay and growth opportunities.

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10. Hiring Cross-Border Tech Freelancers Poses Challenges, Opportunities for Businesses

Amid a tech labor shortage, hiring remote freelancers provides technology enterprises with both benefits and challenges, according to a survey by Solar Staff. Regulatory and compliance issues as well as the difficulty of finding the right skill sets are chief concerns for organizations hiring cross-border freelancers.

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