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Digital Workplace Sessions 4: A Post-Vaccine View of Security

In this episode of Omdia's Digital Workplace Sessions, Tim Banting and Adam Holtby are joined by Maxine Holt, Omdia’s senior research director for cybersecurity, to talk about security priorities in a post-vaccine world.

In this episode of Digital Workplace Sessions, Maxine Holt, Omdia’s senior research director for cybersecurity, joins Adam Holtby, principal analyst covering enterprise mobility and the digital workplace, and Tim Banting, practice lead for Omdia's digital workplace research, to discuss how the shift to remove work has impacted cybersecurity. Holt suggests that security teams were forced to in some ways “apply a bandaid” to get through the pandemic. Now, in our current post-vaccine environment, it’s time to take the bandaid off and assess the state of affairs. That assessment reveals what’s most in need of attention, she says. Holt argues for location-agnostic cybersecurity protection for employees and company data, explains why companies must do a better job of training employees in cybersecurity principles, describes the role of managed security service providers in light of the shift to remote work, and advocates for greater gender diversity in IT and cybersecurity.

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